Dillo a tutti!

Cross-Border Swimming Competition


An open water stage swim competition, open to everyone, that connects Italy and Slovenia.
It is a consecutive stage race competition,
the only one of its kind.

3 eligible competitions – 3 days of race: the challenge is complete them in the less time as possible

2020 was a critical year for all the human activities both economical and sport. Isolation and new habits have influenced, transformed and modified the normal relationships among the people. The have social distancing based on medical and heath reason has carried also a distancing of the people on the emotional level. Closing the border was a step back to the past in contrast with the modern visions of union and contemporary Europe. Our idea of open water swimming, in consecutive stages, acquires a deeper symbolic value of union and overpass barriers trough Sport. The cross border concept of the competition enforced the connection between Slovenia and Italy, enhancing the synergy and exchanges between the communities.

With the Patronage of the Municipalities of Trieste, Muggia and the cooperation of the Municipality of Piran

Cofinanced by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Aderenti ai progetti

Eco-sustainability from 2023. Through the dematerialisation of promotional material, the replacement of plastic bags and bottles such as race and comfort packs with recycled cotton bags and recycled aluminum water bottles, we have raised awareness among athletes regarding the reduction of plastic consumption. We illustrated to children and special athletes the benefits to the marine environment given by reducing plastic consumption. We have delivered materials that we hope will be reused by athletes in future training and competitions, providing our contribution to the need to reduce the production of waste that is potentially harmful to the environment around us.



Official sponsors


Hadria – between sport and holiday.

The idea of a competition that takes place in 3 consecutive days, from Thursday until Sunday, goes together with another concept: an itinerant accommodation for the athletes, their families and the friends accompanying them; in this way they can enjoy the 3 cities involved and the nearby territories. In order to make Hadria an innovative competition we offer to the athletes that want to combine the competition with this short holiday.


Open water stage swim open to everyone


With the sport we want to unite people


Enhance the value of our terrtories

Tree versions, an UNIQUE competition!



16th of June at 18.30 / 17 th of June at 18.30 / 18th of June at 11.30

3 stages – 3 days of competition – Challenge is against time

Open water stage swimming:
16th june – Ancaran 2,6 Km
17th june – Muggia 3,6 km
18th june – Trieste 2,6 Km
Minimum age: 16 anni
Limited places: max 200 partecipants.


16th of June at 19.30 / 17th of June at 18.30 / 18th of June at 11.30

3 stages – 3 days of competition – Challenge is against time

Open water stage swimming :
3 stages, each one mesuring the distance of one nautical miles that is 1852 meters. Locations are identical with the ones of Hadria Top.
Minimum age: 14 years old
16th june – Piran
17th june – Muggia
18th june – Trieste
Limited places: max 200 partecipants.


23rd of June at 17.30 Muggia

1 stages – 1 day of competition – Challenge is against the time

One stage dedicated to the childrend and special athlets. Before the start there will organize a workshop about water safety and prevention of accidents near open water environments.
Stages’ distance: 50 for age groups 8/10 years old or 200 meters for age groups 11/13 years old.
22nd June – Muggia also Annamaria “Lalla” Cecchi memorial
Age groups: 8/10 years old and 11/13 years old
Special athlets: no age restriction.
Limited places: max 50 partecipants.

LifeGuard Academy

The safety of the whole competition will be guaranteed by LifeGuard Academ lifeguards.

The Association, with its volounteers, has a distinctive carreer in the organization and conducting water safety during sport competitions also on a world cup level, in example: “AcroMax” acrobatic paragliding championship on Tre Comuni Lake and “Aquaticrunner” a swimrun world cup from Grado until Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The idea, the faces

Founder of LifeGuard Academy

Giovanni Ghersina – Lifeguard Academy

Born in 1983, in 2011 he obtain a BSc degree in Science and Technologies for Environment and Nature. He start well before that, in 2002, the career of a professional water rescuer and in few years he became on the top of one of three Italian Lifesaving Federations. He fluently speaks four languages and for that reason his professionalism is often required abroad where he meets and learn from the top institution and organization of lifesaving and rescue, both in water and on land. He is teaching scuba diving, rescue courses, coordinates operations of Lifeguard Academy in sport and volunteering events.

Legal advisor of the competition

Nicola Cannone – Lifeguard Academy

Born in 1976, he obtains his degree in law in 200. He is a lawyer since 2005. He is the president of the B. e A.G. Dorni foundation, a charity institution of Trieste. He has a passion for lifesaving and open water swimming. He obtained the Open water Lifeguard patent and oxygen provider together with some other specialty rescue courses such as rescue board and trauma course specialist. He is volunteerin as a lifeguard in many sports events.
He coordinates and manage the legal and administrative aspects of the competition.

For subscriptions


  • Medical certificate
  • Minimum age of participants 14 years
  • (except for the Young category)
  • Identification documents
  • Photo to be attached to the registration